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We’re pleased you have chosen Pacific Maternity Group for your maternity care.

To assist us in providing the best care for you, it is very helpful for us to gather basic information about you and your health, as well as some information on this pregnancy and previous pregnancies.

Please download and fill out the new patient form before your first appointment. Please bring in your completed questionnaire with you. During your first appointment your doctor will review this health information. Go over your questions, and make plans for follow up, including a complete physical early in your pregnancy.

Get ready by completing this form

Please fill out this form before your first appointment and bring your completed questionnaire with you to your first appointment.

At your first visit, your doctor will review this health information, go over your questions, and make plans for follow up including a complete physical early in your pregnancy.

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    Patient Feedback

    We would love to hear from you at anytime during or after our care.

    Dr. Mentz is extremely professional and kind in nature. I had preclamsia and was hospitalized at 34 weeks. She did an excellent job at monitoring me and ensuring an ideal delivery time for both myself and my baby. I feel privileged to have found such an amazing doctor and I would recommend over and over again.

    Fantastic Doctor; delivered me then 27 years later delivered my son.

    She delivered my sister's baby. I've had three babies myself and wish she was there. She's alsolutely amazing in the delivery room!

    Dr. Ferg has been my Dr for over 20 years, she handled my twin pregancy and my normal pregancy. She is knowedgable, carring and knows her patients well. She will tell you "like it is" and does not suffer fools lightly. I highly recommend her to any new mom or any woman looking for an intellegent practical Dr.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Olsen's for 9 years. She's always listened and been very calm and kind but tough when she has to be. My kids love her.